About Us Strategic BIM

About Us

In order to successfully carry out a digital transition process, out team is composed by people from different background and international experience

About Us

Strategic BIM

is an innovative Italian firm for Building Information Modeling (BIM) services.

We provide a range of BIM-related services and solutions, including Digital Strategy and Consulting in processes and projects, Creation of BIM models for new and existing buildings and facilities (digital twin), Technology Advisory, ioT and Change Management.

We help organizations to understand how BIM usage could help to maximize their performance and achieve their business goals, in order to make BIM part of their business.

To support and facilitate the digital transition with BIM of all the firms and the stakeholders involved in the usage of BIM methodology, we use an innovative and international approach...

Bottom Up Approach

Our approach, once understood our clients needs, aims to set up a correct business strategy from which, through the usage of BIM, is it possible maximizing the performance of currents assets and achieving the predefined economical, technological and innovational goals.

Our Vision

"SHAPING A DIGITAL FUTURE" perfectly embraces our mission, activities, goals and values.

"Shaping" represents our activity. We create BIM models, giving a digital shape.

"Digital" It's our goal. We support the digital transformation process, in all its aspects.

"Future" It's our mission, to create with our services a leaner, sustainable and digital world in the future.

Last but not least... "Together" is our main value. Because together it's easier (and better) to get things done.

The team

Roberto Demarchi
Founder & CEO
Leonardo De Bellis
Partner and Head of Business Development
Andrea Cantoni
Partner and CFO
Gabriele Buffa
BIM Specialist
Laura Piamba
Account Executive
Nicola Rimella
Computational Designer