Aura - The first Digital Twin of Existing Shopping Mall in Europe

Aura - The first Digital Twin of Existing Shopping Mall in Europe


Strategic BIM is proud to announce the release of the final project regarding the Digital Twin of the Aura Shopping Mall, based in Rome, the first ever shopping mall to have seen a transition in BIM starting from the existing building.

The Shopping Center, inaugurated in 2018, is located in Rome (IT), in the Valle Aurelia Area of the Capital, recognized for its particular roof. The current Asset Managers and Facility Managers were in need to have a technology that could lead them advantages in terms of Facility Management, better information management and marketing, all which have been found in the use of BIM.

The Digital Twin is a great example of which can be the advantages of BIM for existing buildings, in this specific case shopping malls. Through this model, we have been able to deliver to those involved in the management of the mall, the instruments for a holistic management and a complete database of their asset. At Strategic BIM, despite the difficult times we are all facing, we believe that opportunity like this can promote the importance of innovation and the need to shift towards a digital approach to better manage the property and its costs”, stated Roberto Demarchi, CEO of Strategic BIM.

Together, We Digitally Shape the Property’s Future.